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Our machines

Self-constructed and built machines of the Maintools TSK in Eltmann form the best conditions for innovative, high-quality products. Corrugated pipe technology and multi-layer composite pipe systems are leading the field here, followed by the configuration of complete production lines for drip irrigation systems and machines in the field of winding tube technology.

Our products

Drip irrigation systems

The increasingly scarce raw material water leads to a conscious handling of this resource worldwide. Drip irrigation is - regardless of latitudes - a suitable means to reduce water costs and thus to reduce consumption.

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Multilayer Pipe Systems

In the field of installation technology, multilayer composite pipes have found their firm place due to the combined advantages of metal and plastic pipes in one product. The Maintools TSK production lines cover the diameter range from 8 mm to 110 mm.

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Corrugated pipe systems

Maintools TSK Corrugators for corrugated and composite pipes from 4.5 mm to 500 mm are very varied and specially developed for the requirements and concerns of everyday production.

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